St Patrick's College, Wellington

The Second Hand Uniform Shop is operated on a voluntary basis by members of the Women’s Group. All time and effort is provided by parents/caregivers free of charge. We aim to provide good clean and unwanted school uniforms for resale. Any profit (monies) we make goes back into the school to help fund scholarships, provide support and hospitality services and to top up requests from the school.

Shop Hours
Open every first Thursday of each month 1pm-2pm (except in the holidays).
Any other opening dates will appear in the weekly emails, newsletter and calendar on the website.

Approximate Prices (vary due to condition of items)

 Trousers: $10 – $20

 Jersey: $10 – $25

 Raincoat: $50 – $90

 Shorts: $5 – $15

 Shirts: $5 – $15

 Tie: $10

 Blazer: $100 – $200

All payments are by cash or cheque only. We DO NOT have EFTPOS facilities.

Donating Items
Good clean resalable items are always welcome. There are two options with donating items to the school:

Option 1: Donate all items with all profits going to the Women’s Group for services to the College.
Option 2: Donate items with commission being paid to the Women’s Group. Commission is paid on individual items priced over $20. Commission of 25% of the sale will be paid to the Women’s Group, you receive $75% of the sale.

Option 2 requires you to fill out a Second Hand Uniform Sales Form (download from the link or it can be obtained from the College office). It must be clearly printed and filled out and attached to items. This can be handed into the College office or directly to the Second Hand Uniform Shop on one of the opening days.

Thank you on behalf of the Women’s Group for supporting our service.

Meryn Cosgrove
2nd Hand Uniform Shop Co-ordinator