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FOUNDATION – REUNIONS – reconnecting again

OLD BOYS are the living and breathing example of education at St Pat’s and our ability to remain in contact with this group is one of the major roles of the Foundation.

CLASS YEAR GROUP REUNIONS – your chance as an Old Boy to meet with others from your cohort.

Here at St Pat’s Class year group reunions are based on what year you were in the 3rd form / Year 9, even if you started at St Pat’s in your 4th form your cohort remains your 3rd form year.

For example, an Old Boy who started at St Pat’s in 1963 in the 4th form his actual cohort year is 1962. We organise the reunions from the 3rd form to capture the largest number in your actual cohort, not from the Form 7 / Year 13 group as many had already left St Pat’s.

Next Reunion – * Friday 27  October 2017*– 3rd formers from 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964
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1963 College Band

Future reunions are planned for 2018. We will advise the year groups involved in due course but in the interim please make sure you are in contact with this office to receive such information.

Development Manager
Ph: 04 939 5416


1964-1969 Class Reunion – 13th October 2016

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1955 -1958  Class Reunion  – 27th May 2016

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1950-54 Class Reunion – 8th May 2015

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1930’s & 1940’s Class Reunion – 9th & 10th May 2014

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1959 Class Reunion – 12th & 13th April 2013

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