St Patrick's College, Wellington

Leave a gift in your Will

Our family is precious. Whether you are an Old Boy, a past parent,  a current parent, a staff member or friend of the College, you matter as you are part of the College family. If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will, we’d love to talk to you.

If you choose to do this, you are expressing your passion for the enduring values and special character of St Pats.  You are saying something about who you are and how you want to be remembered.

The income we receive when someone leaves a gift in their Will is a very important part of our fundraising strategy, alongside income received from individual donors, businesses, corporate sponsorship, grants,  sales of goods, events, trusts, and investments.  These gifts allow us to plan ahead, continue with our long-term development and direct funds to where the greatest need is.

Keep things simple or specific this is your Choice. There are various ways to leave a gift to St Patrick’s College in your Will.  Examples are:

A Specified Amount of Money

This is the most common form of gift which, if given without restriction, can be used by the College’s Foundation where it is most needed.

All of the Residue of your Estate

St Patrick’s College Foundation receives everything remaining in your estate after all other gifts have been distributed.

A Percentage of the Residue of your Estate

After all other gifts have been distributed, St Patrick’s College Foundation receives a share, as decided by you, of what remains in your estate.

Personal Property

St Patrick’s College Foundation receives specific assets which you mention by name in your Will, for example, shares, works of art, antiques.

Real Estate

A house, other building, or parcel of land can be left to St Patrick’s College Foundation, to sell or use as it thinks fit.

The best thing to do is to discuss your wishes with a lawyer.  They’ll ensure your Will matches your ideals.  Please remember, at its heart, a Will should focus on looking after the future of your family and friends first and foremost.  It is very important to St Patrick’s College Foundation, that you take a ‘family first, charity second’ approach when leaving a gift to us in your Will.

To view our brochure and /or advise us of your bequest click here.