St Patrick's College, Wellington

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Senior Leadership Team

Neal Swindells (Rector) 231
Wayne Mills (Deputy Rector) 232
David Martin (Assistant Rector) 233

Teaching Staff

Maurice Atkinson (Religious Education) 645
Matt Bayliss (Science) 641
Andrew Brennan (HoD English) 237
Martina Byrne (TiC Computer Studies) 234
Fr Matthew Crawford (Religious Education) 633
Patricia Cuttance (Religious Education) 632
Robert des Tombe (Technology) 653
Lynda Devereux (HoD Mathematics) 224
Alysha Dougherty (Art & Technology) 649
Michelle Duffy (HoD Learning Support) 262
Emma English (HoD Art) 245
Blair Florance (TiC Economics) 205
Krystyna Geris (Assistant HoD English) 647
Hannah Gilmour  (Technology) 618
Bronwyn Golding (English) 628
Vanessa Gray  (Assistant HoD Science) 637
Suhanya Green (Music) 670
Preeti Gupta (Mathematics) 630
Ailsa Hibbard (TiC French) 646
Darren Jackson (Science) 614
Sharron Kendall Elder (TiC ESOL) 248
Michael L’Estrange (Physical Education) 297
Natalie Leota (English) 619
Leigh Lidstone (HoD Physical Education) 242
Robert Lynch (Mathematics) 247
Lucy MacLeod (Religious Education/Year 9 Student Coordinator) 669
Ngahuia Madden (TiC Maori) 255
Penina Masoe (TiC Samoan) 613
Kevin McGrath (HoD Economics) 256
Daniel Meares (Mathematics) 629
Denise Moran (English/Music) 670
Br Matthew Morris (Science) 269
Alexandria Oldfield (English) 640
Sarah Parkinson (Director Religious Studies) 227
Jarrad Porima (HoD Social Sciences) 246
Roger Powdrell (HoD Music) 252
Tim Reay (English) 617
Lynley Reid (English) 654
Andrew Sargent (Science) 621
Ainslie Sauvao (Science) 285
Julia Sharp (Science) 651
Daniel Silvester (Religious Education) 620
Corrie Skells (ESOL) 634
Steven Skells (Social Sciences) 206
Chris Smyth (HoD Technology) 243
Kate Southall (Mathematics) 631
Alice Stevens-Carlyon (Mathematics) 644
Chris Taylor (TiC Outdoor Education) 648
Luc Townsend (Social Sciences) 642
Alastair van Boom (Physical Education) 261
Bok Vannathy (Mathematics) 610
Douglas Walker  (HoD Science/Director of e-Learning) 225
Peter Webb (Mathematics) 636
Shane Wilson (Social Sciences) 638
Derek Wood (English) 655
Mike Woods (TiC Future Careers) 239

Support Staff

Peter Amitrano (Custodian) 236
Catherine Ashby (Teacher Aide) 611
Jacqui Bisley (Art/Music Coordinator) 608
Fr Pat Brophy (College Priest) 235
Karen Clarke (Librarian) 238
Gary Cook-Andrews (Sports Coordinator/Publications Manager) 249
Tina Diamantis (Accounts Admin) 286
Maria Elenio International Student Coordinator) 264
Colleen Flynn (Gateway Coordinator) 239
Sue Grant (Teacher Aide) 650
Margaret Grealish (Resource Secretary/Nurse) 223
Kas Lealamanua (Rugby Administrator)
Jane Lieshout (Science Technician) 253
Donna Love (Absenses/Student Centre Manager) 207
Anne Martin (Teacher Aide) 615
Rosemary McLennan (Archivist) 212
Jonathan Millmow (Director of Sport) 267
Karen Page (Executive Officer) 221
Gerardine Parkinson (Rector’s Secretary) 231
Chrissy Raki-Noanoa (Teacher Aide) 622
Jacky Reid (Cashier) 226
Judy Sharp (Teacher Aide) 612
Logo Talamaivao (Teacher Aide) 652
Peter Wadsworth (Student Counsellor) 229
Elaine Waring (Transition Assistant) 239
Aldona Yardley (College Secretary) 201