St Patrick's College, Wellington

Annual Benefit Dinner
Saturday 30th June, 2018

This year’s event is fundraising for the St Patrick’s College teaching staff, our theme beingTeacher Professional Development – Promoting Excellence in Practice.

The theme is in line with our core values of Excellence and Learning and we are aiming to continue supporting our staff, giving them opportunities to develop
excellence in teaching. Excellent teachers help our students be the best they can be. The digital age provides a rapidly changing environment; teachers must be
increasingly culturally responsive, striving to teach well multiple ethnicities; and it is also critically important that they are prepared to deal with the complexities of mental health and well-being of students. So teachers must themselves be constantly learning.

We want to provide a platform for them to be innovative, exciting and excited by this modern learning environment. We also want to recognise the special role of the teacher in a student’s life, and that the role at St Pat’s is much more than just teacher – they are a role model and fundamental in enhancing the special character of the College.

This event is always a fun evening and we welcome all members of the St Pat’s community to join us. Please see the brochure below for more details.

Event details